Monday, September 17

Lackluster Emmy Evening...

Was it just me, or did the Emmy's disappoint?

I don't claim to be a Hollywood expert, but I'm TV-savvy enough to know that the night was a dud. I was not impressed with the monologues, the jokes were not funny, there was way too much hype about the silly "green" Emmy's, the whole 'in-the-round' set-up was not working, and on top of all that...all of my favorite shows were snuffed!

Why can't people ever recognize the outstanding performances of some of the best shows on TV? Prison Break? Heroes? Bones? Supernatural? Anyone?

The best part of the entire show was the fact that it was broadcast on FOX, therefore I got to see about ten promos for tonight's Season 3 Premier of Prison Break! Everytime I see Wentworth Miller's gorgeous face....and those eyes...those, I mean, that perfectly structured shaved head of his.....I, um....yea. Can't wait for the premier tonight!

Anyways. I was not impressed. I kind of wish I could get those 5 hours of my life back.....

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