Friday, September 7

On a lighter note...

So I wrote my last post (which was a while ago) while I was in a very contemplative and soul-searching mood. My dad just got around to reading it and immediately called me, inquiring after my mental health. I quickly assured him that I was fine and not contemplating anything drastic. Nothing to worry about here, folks!

So...I will try to be a little lighter for here on out!

For example...I am officially living in Los Angeles! I am sure to have some wild and crazy stories to tell, but since I am sitting outside of a Starbucks, inhaling second-hand smoke due to the fact that I am currently without Internet (and cable!) at my apartment, I will save some of those wild and crazy stories for another day (like, on Monday when the installation guy is supposed to show up!).

Over and out...

1 comment:

  1. Don't be light if you don't feel light, sista! Blogs are supposed to be cathartic and I for one loved reading the "escaping reality" entry. If you can't be yourself, what's the point? To reference one of your other entries about growing up - this is part of it. Saying what you're really feeling! Love your blog - even the darker stuff.