Sunday, December 29

Why don't more people like us?

This past week I was at my parents' house, admiring all of the Christmas and holiday cards they have received from family and friends. Of course, after 35 years of married life you would expect the number of cards taped to the pantry door, on display for all to see.   But it got me thinking…

We've only received, like, four cards this year.  Why don't more people like us?

My question was answered when we finally checked our mailbox today for the first time in probably two three weeks.  After discarding the usual trash, we discovered a mound of Christmas cards, just waiting to be opened and taped to the door, on display for all to see.

Am I aware that Christmas is technically over and by now many people have started to take down all signs of this most festive of holidays?  Of course.  Is that going to stop me from displaying Christmas cards from beloved family members and friends for at least the next week (who am I kidding, it will be at least a month)?  Of course not.

Hoping you and yours had a wonderful Christmas holiday!  M and I loved spending the day with both of our families and are so grateful for the love and support of family and friends.  

(Yes, yes.  We realize that we should probably check our mail more often.  I'm sure our mailman thinks we are always on vacation.  Ha!  If only…)

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