Monday, December 9

bad weather days are ruining my life

school has already been cancelled for tomorrow.  that's three school days in a row.  five days total that i've been home, either trapped by ice or stuck working on stuff.

now, being at home for bad weather days is different than being at home for a holiday break.  holiday break days, i know i'm supposed to be doing nothing because, hey! i'm on vacation!

but bad weather days, you expect it to be just the one day, so you think all of the lesson plans you have made will still be okay, no need to tweak things too much.  but then it turns into two days, so you readjust some more, combining lessons and changing a few due dates.  and then it becomes three days!  now what am i supposed to do?! drop entire lessons and change all the due dates?

the next week and half of school are going to be rough.  after a five-day weekend, the kids are already on holiday break.  i know exactly how the conversations and excuses will go when we get back on wednesday (fingers crossed!):

"but mrs. ryan, i don't remember any of this stuff, it was so long ago!"
"can we just have a movie day? we only have like a week left anyway."
"we should just have a nap day."
"you mean we still have to write the entire essay/read the entire book?"

argh.  one bad weather day was enough.  two was pushing it.  but three?  now i'm just complaining.  and no one likes a complainer.

everything is ruined.

(RE: can i get extra pony points for wanting to go back to work so badly?)

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