Wednesday, August 28

WOD 2: Numb

Today's Word of the Day = NUMB

4" wedge sandals always seem like a good idea at the time... but then 6 hours later, you've been on your feet all day, and you can't feel anything below the knee.  true story.

there's another numbness, though, that  i think all teachers are familiar with.  it's the feeling you get as soon as you pull into the driveway at home.  you turn off the car, take a few breaths in and out, then lug the five bags you carry with you to and from school everyday (seriously, we all do it and i don't know why) into the house, drop said bags at the bottom of the stairs (or whatever most convenient location that is out of a high frequency traffic lane), and then you find the nearest spot to flop your tired body down - couch, bed, kitchen table chair, the floor.

it's a weird sensation, this total mind and body numbness.  full-on exhaustion hasn't hit yet (it is only the second day), but i can already feel the after-school numbness taking effect.

or maybe it's only my poor choice of footwear.

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