Sunday, April 14

too random to have a title

apparently, the best use of my time while staying home sick from church is not sleeping, doing laundry, grading or planning, but blogging.

you know you have been crossfitting too long when any physical activity becomes a WOD.  carrying a ton of heavy boxes from the garage to the upstairs study = 20 rounds for time of walking SDLHPs.

grocery shopping with a guy proved to be one of the most interesting experiences of my life.  imitation crab meat? jumbo marshmallows?  banana peppers in a jar?  i seriously don't know how you people stay alive.

mom and i went to a final cake consultation last week.  the lovely cake lady asked me about designs for the second layer of the 3-tiered cake.  i looked at her and said, "ummm, i don't care.  make it pretty?"

in my english 2 class, we are reading lord of the flies.  for this novel, i've assigned two people per chapter to present the summary, characters and symbols of the chapter and then lead the class discussion.  i told them that i would sit in the back of the room and just observe the discussion, not direct it.  do you know how hard it is for an english teacher to not participate in a novel discussion? on friday, i couldn't stand it any longer and started waving my hand in the air to make a comment.  if only i had been this enthusiastic about english when i was actually in high school...

speaking of high school.  8 weeks, people.  8 weeks.

in love with this song and this song. listen and love, too.

last week we moved M into our new home.  all of his earthly belongings fit into two tacoma trucks and were easily moved by the two of us. all of my earthly belongings fit into a rather large moving truck and required professional movers, plus a few volunteers.  the fact that i am physically bringing more into this marriage than he is is not necessarily a good thing.

in my classes on fridays, i have a tradition of showing my students a "laugh of the day" - a random youtube clip that has nothing to do with nothing.  i showed them this video last week, and out of all the videos i have played for them, i have never seen this kind of reaction.  some of them were literally ROFLing.  the freshman, especially, could hardly breathe, they were LOLing so hard.  usually, the more i watch a video, the funnier it gets.  with this one, it just got dumber and dumber.

and speaking of funny videos, this one really does get funnier the more you watch it.

looking for a good health/food book to read? read this. amazing.

on friday, i asked my spanish 1 students to write for 10 minutes, describing themselves, their families, what they like to do, etc., using the vocab and grammar we have been learning all year.  i then asked each of them to read out loud what they had written.  they made my teacher heart so happy with all they were able to say en español.  también, me hizo echar de menos hablar y conversar en español todos los días.

one of my favorite talks from general conference: marriage: watch and learn by elder l. whitney clayton. "marriage is a gift from God to us; the quality of our marriages is a gift from us to Him."

and speaking of marriage, i'm really excited to be married to M.  we are by no means perfect, but rather, we are perfect for each other.  i am realizing that we balance each other in so many ways.  i am also realizing that being in a committed relationship with someone helps you understand your own weaknesses and areas for improvement.  i have learned so much about myself in the past 7 months, and it kind of amazes me that he has stuck around this long.  i am humbled by M's patience with me as i figure out how to be a better wife and partner.  love him forever and ever.

feeling a little like death warmed over.  maybe sleeping would be the best use of my time, after all.

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