Sunday, January 27

correspondence 7

dear blog,
i'm sorry i've been neglecting you so badly these past few months.  life is very full right now, and any time that i might have to sit and write has been spent on other pursuits (like sleeping). i can't promise that the next few months will be any better.

dear second semester,
you have already caused me to break down once, and it's only been a week.  teaching 6 different classes, plus facilitating 1 more for good measure, will most likely turn me into a crazy person.  this is going to be rough, so buckle up.

dear spanish 2 students,
there are 28 of you and 1 of me.  let's try to make this work better than last semester, shall we?

dear staar,
i have a feeling you are going to make my life very difficult and very frustrating for the next three months. boo.

dear 45-day paleo challenge,
3 weeks down, 4 more to go!  (ohmylife, i miss sugar.)

dear diamond ring,
you are very sparkly. you make me happy.

dear wedding planning,
you make me want to elope.

i. cannot. wait.

dear valentine's day,
my fianc√© wants us to not even acknowledge you exist.  he thinks it's a silly holiday.  while i agree with him, i secretly love you now that i actually have a valentine.  i doubt he will change his mind, but i promise to celebrate you in my own small way (sadly, sans sugar. maybe a paper heart chain?).

y'all rock my world.

13 episodes into season 1 and i still don't know how i feel about you.  probably because i keep on falling asleep.  i guess it's a good thing there are 6.5 more seasons of you, right?

dear iphone,
i'm sorry that i keep on dropping you.  i promise to be less klutzy if you promise not to fritz out on me.

dear 10pm bedtime,
yeah.  clearly that didn't happen tonight.

dear june 15,
please get here soon.

dear m,
ily. slurp!

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