Friday, November 2

give thanks, day 2

today, i give thanks for 2 things.

first, i am thankful for friday afternoon pow-wows with my fellow teachers.  it has become a weekly tradition for us all to congregate in one area (usually the couches right outside my classroom - means less walking for me!) to decompress, swap stories and maybe gripe just a little bit.  most of all, though, it's a time to laugh and take a breath and begin the transition from teacher person to normal person.  i'd be lying if i said i didn't live for friday afternoons.

second, i am thankful for small accomplishments. i've been crossfitting for 4 months now, and i've had several small victories along the way, but today's victory was pretty exciting: i did my first ever double under.  i've been trying for months to be able to do just one, and when i actually managed to do it this afternoon, i kind of squealed with glee.  i was so surprised, actually, that i almost smacked myself in the face with the jump rope.  now all i have to do is work on doing more than one in a row... but that'll come.  baby steps.

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