Thursday, November 1

give thanks, day 1

so.... apparently, it's november.  is anyone else completely blown away by this?  weren't we just starting april, like, 3 days ago?  yeah.  i know.  weird.

anyways.  tis' the month of giving thanks, of recognizing the good in life, of being grateful for the little things, of expressing gratitude to people both in heaven and on earth.

today, i give thanks for texting.  somehow, those quick and instant messages from loved ones near and far always hold the key to what i need in order to make it through the day.  i'm grateful i can stay connected with family and friends by way of this simple and now ordinary form of communication.  of course, phone calls are better and talking face to face is still by far the best (hand-written letters are also divine), but a 2-second text message in the morning, afternoon or evening can and does mean the world when life is reaching a breaking point.

i suppose i should also be thankful for unlimited texting, because boy howdy! i seem to be doing a lot of it these days...

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