Monday, November 12

give thanks, day 12

12 things.

i am grateful for morning motivational messages.  today's was especially inspired: "keep working hard and doing what is right! keep at your crossfit, too! if we stay focused we will be able to do great things! just as promised... 'out of weakness [you] shall be made strong.' (2 nephi 3:13)"  love, love, love.

i am grateful for a personal parking space.  that's right.  i have a parking space with my name on it.  i also have one of the best principals on the planet.

i am grateful for an english "co-teacher." although i teach all 4 levels of english, every once in a while my wonderful teacher friend stacy offers to take over my english 4 class during first period to give me a break or when i am off campus for the day.  i love watching her teach.  she started my kids on the first act of macbeth, and just listening to her enthusiasm has made me more excited to continue the scottish play for the next few weeks.

i am grateful for my december-graduating seniors.  they truly are pills sometimes, but there are other times when i just look at them and my heart is filled with love for this small and diverse group of students.  we have had so much fun together over the past year and a half.  i am going to miss them terribly when they graduate next month.

i am grateful for salads for lunch.  i feel so much better about my day when i eat vegetables for lunch.

i am grateful for student workdays.  as much as i love interacting and discussing with students, i also love days when they are actively working together on an assignment or project.  on those days i can just sit back and observe their young minds at work.

i am grateful for this line from julius caesar: "cry 'havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war."  it's my favorite line from the whole play.

i am grateful for earbuds.  for some reason, when i am listening to music with my earbuds, i am so much more productive.  it's kind of incredible how much i got done after school today.  i was very impressed with myself.

i am grateful for emails in spanish.  no sé por qué, pero me encanta escribir en español.  me recuerda de mis días en la mission. y los echo de menos.

i am grateful for larabars. seriously, the tropical fruit tart bar is like eating candy. so delicious.

i am grateful for thumbs.  while washing the dishes this evening, i completely sliced my right thumb open on a knife.  do you know how awkward it is to do the most basic tasks without a working thumb?  it kind of sucks.  and it really hurts.

i am grateful for this blog.  not only a great crossfit blog, but just a great blog for motivational thoughts on life in general.  i highly recommend that you add it to your google reader.

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