Saturday, October 13

summa, summa time, pt. 1

the fall season is officially underway (well, as underway as it can get in texas - the highs are still in the 80s) and it seems to be as a good a time as any to recap some of my summer adventures...

ragnar relay: wasatch back 2012
last year's ragnar relay was just insane enough to make me want to do it again.  so, at the invitation of a friend, i joined a team and recruited my new sister-in-law heather and bff rachel.  my legs this year were a lot more challenging (6.3 miles all downhill, 8.2 miles all uphill, and 2.4 miles all flat), but i loved every minute of it.  i was so sad not to be able to experience it with my friend who had originally invited me on the team (broken ankle = no running), but i was grateful to have heather and rachel there to share in the 48 hours of craziness.

van 1 runners.  start time = 5 am.

sister-in-law heather.  she was a rock star.

bff rachel.  love her.

team #21: wasatch my back.

at the finish line in park city.

big birthday
ummm, i turned 30.  yeah.  that happened.

leaving los angeles
because i love my sister so much, i flew to la to help her move her earthly belongings to phoenix.  have i ever told you how much i love moving? because i don't. but i do love my sister. a lot.

portland, trip #2
my first trip to portland was back in may for brother jason's wedding.  my second trip to portland was a month and a half later for bff joanna's bridal shower.

wedding announcement/invitation envelope-stuffing party.

bridal shower, hosted by joanna's two beautiful sisters.

and that brings us to the middle of july.  part 2 coming soon.

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  1. thanks, Katie!! if it wasn't for your posts, I WOULD NEVER SEE MY DAUGHTERS!!!! you look awesome on the run. next year? sure!