Sunday, August 19

i love my brothers, pt. 2: the groom

so, i have this brother.  his name is jason.  he met this wonderful girl last year.  her name is heather.  they realized that they really, really liked each other... so much so that they figured spending eternity together would probably be a really, really great idea.

this is almost 3 months overdue, but as promised (on more than one occasion), i proudly present to you...

mr. and mrs. jason romney.

married and sealed for time and all eternity on may 26, 2012, in the portland, oregon temple.
quite possibly the cutest red-headed couple you will ever meet.
so happy to have added a sister to the family, and so happy that they will be together forever.

(the new romney family)

(the oregon reception)

(the texas open house)
(photo credit: nicole jacobson; food credit: jessica & patricia lucio)

(i spent half the night holding a brand-new baby.  it was wonderful.)

congratulations, jason & heather!  love you both with all my heart!


  1. can you please, please, please send me the pictures of Michael solo and Michael and Jason? I tried to get him to send me some, but I don't know if he even took any... haha.

  2. and yes, sometimes I read your blog... actually, like, every time I see it on facebook. I'll repent and comment more often.