Thursday, September 6

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today's smile is brought to you by....

  • ...a spontaneous sprint race down the hall, trying to beat my teacher neighbor stacy to the computer lab. she literally pushed me into the wall and probably would've knocked me over.  i will admit, sometimes we act a lot like children.  actually, i lie.  we always act like children.  the students think we are a little crazy.
  • ...telling my freshman english students to open to page 1 of their textbooks and start reading.  half of the class immediately opened the heavy tome in front of them and started flipping the pages, no questions asked.  they were so cute.  so obedient.  i almost didn't want to tell them i was joking.
  • ...enjoying a second (or maybe it's the third or fourth) viewing of supernatural, starting with season 1.  the winchester boys have been helping me with grading and lesson plans this week.  productive?  maybe not.  entertaining?  you betcha. "carry on my wayward son..."
  • ...a senior student turning in their video project two days before it's acutally due, and rocking my world with how awesome it turned out.  and as a bonus, in his email he called me "ms romeny noodles."  i love my seniors. gonna miss them when they graduate.
  • ...this text from my bestie.
today's frustration is brought to you by....
  • start-of-the-school-year to-do list.  it just keeps on getting longer and longer and longer.
  • ...the 30-day crossfit paleo challenge.  day 4 and still going strong, but i can already tell that a big bowl of ice cream is going to be calling my name soon.
  • ...the regional ysa conference - starts tomorrow, ends on sunday.  been helping plan it for the past 6 months.  i would have made a horrible event planner.  i get way too stressed.
  • ...long days and late nights and little sleep.  only the second week of school and it's already begun.
today's peace is brought to you by...
  • ...absolutely loving being a teacher and spending all day with my students.  they are pills, but they are my pills. they make me laugh. and i love laughing.
  • ...a quiet moment spent in the chapel this evening watching the Reflections of Christ videos.  it's been a really long and stressful few weeks, so much so that i haven't had any time to really stop and breathe and ponder and mediate.  but watching these videos of images from the life of Christ, combined with the beautiful music, helped me to remember what is most important. tears filled my eyes and a calmness settled my heart. and a calm heart is exactly what i need right now.

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