Monday, May 14

we were cute once... and young.

brother jason is getting married in twelve days (seriously?!), and for the past couple of weeks i've been going through old family photos to find good ones of him for the slide show that he and his bride-to-be are preparing for the reception.  it was supposed to be a one-weekend-long project.  and it would have taken me the one weekend if he just wasn't so darn cute when he was baby.  so really, it's not my fault that it took me forever to get all of the pictures together.  i blame the cuteness.

and it wasn't just jason.  all 6 of us were cute, almost ridiculously so.  but then... we grew up.  and what i really mean is, i grew up, because i speak entirely for myself when i say: wow! i went through some horrifically awkward phases growing up.  the 90's were not kind to me, at all.  just awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin.  come to think of it, i don't know if i've ever really grown out of that feeling.  does anybody, ever?

but, yes.  we were cute once... and young*.

*one of Z's favorite movies.

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