Tuesday, May 15

12 days.

there are 12 more school days left until the end of the school year.

i have this feeling that after that final bell rings on june 1, after i've said goodbye to all of my students, after my fellow teachers and i have taken a moment to celebrate the start of summer, after i've returned to my empty classroom... i have this feeling that i just might fall apart.

after everything that has happened in the past year - graduating from UT, moving back to dallas, starting my first year as a high school teacher, meeting Z, dealing with and trying to understand his passing - i think i need one final and complete breakdown.  something needs to fall apart so something else can be rebuilt in its place.

i just have to hold it together a little bit longer.  hold on just long enough so i can let go of everything.  fall apart so i can put it all back together again.

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