Wednesday, March 14


london and her surrounding areas continue to surprise and delight.

tuesday: day trip to lyme park, house and garden (aka Pemberly from the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice).  absolutely amazing.  loved walking in the open country and breathing in the fresh air.  the five and a half centuries-old house and beautiful grounds transport you back a couple of centuries.  i half expected to turn the corner and find ms. austen herself, a wry smile on her lips, furiously writing away.

we enjoyed afternoon tea at the restaurant at the house.  i'm actually quite enjoying this whole tea thing...

as we waited at the station for our 2.5-hour train ride back to london to begin, the air turned rather chilly.

wednesday: this morning we took a train to lingfield - a town about 35 minutes outside of london - to attend a session at the lds temple.  it was delightful, as usual.  this now brings my international temple count to... 3.  note to self: must travel more.

tonight, les miserables.  all-time favorite musical. the current london cast is phenomenal. from the very beginning notes of the overture, i had tears in my eyes. basically cried throughout the entire play. it's just so gorgeous and brings back so many childhood memories. plus, it ends with this beautiful message: "to love another person is to see the face of god."  

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