Tuesday, March 6

correspondence 2

dear students,
good luck on the ela taks test tomorrow.  y'all will do great.

dear ela taks test,
please be kind to my students tomorrow.  they're good kids.

dear pinterest,
stop being so addictive.

dear london,
5 more days.  be there soon.

dear pretty girl,
congrats on making varsity tennis!  you are a rock star.  so excited for you.  and so excited for our facetime study session on thursday.

dear cheese-flavored everything,
seriously.  i think i have a problem.  i must find a way to stop eating you.

dear running shoes,
last night was fun.  tomorrow night - same time, same route?  it's a date.

dear central market cafe,
your avocado shrimp salad was good, but i'm still in love with your veggie burger.  so. yummy.

dear marcus luttrell,
i have never sobbed my way through an entire book before.  thank you for telling your story to the world, and thank you for your service to this country.  you are my hero.  ps: you get bonus points for being a texan.

dear sisters,
i've been missing y'all a lot lately.  can we please plan a sisters-only vacation for the very near future?  love you all.

dear brothers,
i miss you two, too.  j: tag, you're it, remember?  c: you still alive?  call me.  love you lots.

dear laundry,
i loathe you.  please wash, dry, fold and put away yourself.

dear sugar,
i miss you.

dear z,
i miss you more than i miss sugar.  a lot more.  but i'm feeling a little stronger everyday.  thank you for showing me what is real.

much love,

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