Monday, January 2

talk it out (lovesick, pt. 3)

in the past few months i have fallen in love with talking as a means of getting to know someone.

talks that go on for hours and hours.
talks that are about anything and everything.
talks that are open and honest.
talks that are real and sincere.
talks that are both personal and universal.
talks that are thought-provoking and uplifting.
talks that make you smile and laugh.

talks that have so many side bars and tangents that you have a hard time following the thought train back to the station to figure out where and why and how you started on that particular track.

and as much as i love talking, i also love listening.

listening to life stories.
listening to everyday stories.
listening to dreams and wishes.
listening to goals and ambitions.
listening to plans and machinations.
listening to fears and concerns.
listening to trials and challenges.
listening to deep, dark secrets.

listening to someone share little pieces of their soul, knowing that it takes courage and mutual trust with the other person to feel comfortable enough to do so.

talk, talk, talk.  listen, listen, listen.  i could do it forever.

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