Wednesday, December 28

merry and bright

it's been a wonderful christmas season. i've been sleeping in almost every morning. eating a lot of yummy food. watching a lot of football.
laughing a lot with family and friends. and i've been taking a lot of pictures.  enjoy.

ice! at the gaylord texan

family dinner at bob's steak and chop house

puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles

christmas eve: soup, terrorizing the cat, pjs, puzzles and letter to santa

christmas day: opening presents, eggs benedict (a family tradition), sunday best, mario kart

now, i am strongly opposed to video games and i generally dislike actually playing them. the one exception i make is for mario kart. i am a truly terrible player, but i do love me some classic mario kart.  and a special shout-out to a special pretty girl for dropping off yummy cookies.
my tastebuds and my tummy thank you.

monday and tuesday: movies, shopping, family dinners, temple, art museum, more football, more puzzles

today: elm fork shooting range

the family that shoots together, stays together.

the girl in the spot next to us had a bedazzled .22.  she bedazzled her gun.  some people...

i think i look pretty good with a 9mm in my hand, don't you?

love the christmas season.  grateful for time spent with family and friends.
both dreading and looking forward to going back to work next week.
hope your holiday has been merry and bright.

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