Thursday, August 11

do i make this car look good?

leona and i have had an interesting three years.  lots of road trips and lots of scenic drives.  lots of laughter and lots of smiles.  all of the good times, though, are somewhat overshadowed by a very unpleasant experience (probably the most unpleasant experience of my life).  even though the story had a mostly happy ending, i will always associate my lovely leona with that painful time.

which is why i am rather excited that her 3-year lease is almost up, which means that it's time for a new vehicular partner in crime.  dad and i went to the toyota dealership tonight to ask questions about leasing a 2012 tacoma.  we asked our questions, talked numbers and then left to think things over.  as we walked out, dad mentions that for the amount i would be paying for a monthly lease for a tacoma, i could probably get into a nice sedan for even less. just something to consider.

so what did we do?  we went next door to the lexus* dealership.  bad idea.

i think i'm in love.  i'm pretty sure i'm way too sensible to get a convertible at this point in my life, but you better believe that my dreams tonight will feature me behind the wheel of a matador red IS, top-down, wind in my hair, something fabulous rockin' through the stereos, goin' 80 down an open freeway right next to the ocean.  sigh.  like i said, bad idea.

give me a couple of days, though, and i'll forget all about the luxuriousness of leather interior and fall back in love with my tacoma. or rather, i hope i do.  mmmm.  leather interior...

*i feel the need to state that a vehicle from lexus is not necessarily in my budget.  it's just a lovely, wouldn't-that-be-awesome, someday dream.

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  1. Buy, or lease, American!!! It's important to buy a car made by an American company built by American workers...yes, some of the components may be foreign made but the majority of the work will be done by your fellow Americans! We need to bring Americans back to buying American made products to get us back on track!
    Good Luck, Katie!