Thursday, June 9

ragnar: get ready...

we are only one week away from ragnar.  has it really been a year since i first started talking about this?

my run this morning just about killed me, partly due to the 10-in-the-morning heat (granted, not as bad as 2-in-the-afternoon heat, but still pretty brutal).  when i first agreed to this madness, i had grand plans of being faster than i am right now, losing x-amount of weight, yadda, yadda, yadda... but life got in the way.

i'm not going to lie - i'm a little nervous about this whole thing. the three legs of the race that i'm running total 16.3 miles: 3.4 mi + 7.0 mi + 5.9 mi.  The first leg shouldn't be too bad, it's basically a 5k.  The second leg will be the most difficult because it's all downhill, a -870 ft in elevation.  and i can only imagine that i will be completely exhausted and delirious by the third leg.  as i've told some of my teammates - i might be crawling across the finish line, but i will finish.

oy vey.  wish me luck.

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