Wednesday, June 8

My 5 Food Groups

Yesterday a friend asked me if I liked ice cream.  My response: "It's one of my favorite food groups."

And today, as I was driving around, running errands, I had a box of Cheez-its to keep me company.  My thought as I munched away: "I. Love. Cheese."

So I did a little more thinking... and then asked myself, "If I were ruler of the universe, and nutritional value and calories didn't factor into physical health and well-being, what would be my 5 main food groups?"

More thinking... and then I made my final decisions.

My 5 Food Groups
1. Ice Cream
2. Cheese
3. Pasta
4. Bajio's Chicken Green Chile Salad
5. Peanut M&Ms

So, if you were ruler of the universe and didn't have to worry about nutrition... what would be your 5 main food groups?


  1. I loved this post! :)
    Here are my food groups:
    1. All bread all the time
    2. Braum's ice cream
    3. Peanut M&Ms
    4. Brownie batter

    Maybe instead of food groups, they should be called essential vitamins and minerals.


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  3. Juan A. CaballeroJune 9, 2011 at 1:41 AM

    1. Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo
    2. Caramel Sundae
    3. Any Jimmy Johns Sandwich
    4. Fried Chicken Drumsticks
    5. Sushi