Thursday, June 23

Long Live the Bacon.

I'm gonna call this one right now: the Footloose remake is going to be a disaster.

Watching the trailer, as my sister put it, leaves a bad taste in your mouth.  Are they in the 80's? 90's? 2K?  What is up with the music?  And that dancing?  Did they seriously remake it shot for shot?

I'm sorry, you just don't mess with a Kevin Bacon Original.  You don't mess with such an iconic 80's movie.  If you want a younger generation to appreciate the original... TELL THEM TO WATCH THE ORIGINAL.

Ugh.  Now compare the above atrocity with the classic below.

Long Live the Bacon.


  1. Wow. Wow, I just really don't have anything to say. What . . . What happened to the remake? What were they thinking???