Thursday, April 7

tough day at the office

ugh.  today was tough.

i love my juniors.  i really do.  but in the past couple of weeks i've noticed a growing trend of more and more students coming to class unprepared, not completing assignments, not turning in assignments.  it's been getting wildly out of hand, so today i had a little "come to jesus" talk with my classes.

it was awkward and heavy, but necessary.  i told them that the current state of affairs in the class was unacceptable, that i was sad and disappointed in their choices.  i challenged them to be better in the coming weeks and show me their best effort.

my cooperating teacher said they looked properly shamed.

just your basic parent-to-child chastisement, but it kind of broke my heart.  they're good kids and they're really smart, so it was hard to come down on them like that.

but, like i said, it had to be done.

so after such a heavy day at school, i came home and ate a cupcake.  

and i'm feeling a little better.

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