Saturday, April 23


i had a lovely 2-hour phone call with a certain younger sister this evening.  it's been months since we've actually talked and it made my heart so happy to hear her voice and her infectious laughter.

whenever this certain younger sister and i talk, our voices go up about 4 octaves.  and we both talk really, really fast.  it's so much fun to talk with her.

we worked out flight arrangements for upcoming commencement celebrations.  we discussed our summer birthday present to ourselves: a week in san diego for comic-con (a plan 5 years in the making).  we talked about school, work, relationships, the upsides and downsides of living alone, tv shows, movies, music, books.  i think we covered just about everything.

one of my favorite things about talking to this certain younger sister is that we have so many inside jokes and one-liners between us.  we are never at a loss for reasons to laugh.

for example: last may before our 9-hour flight from rome to chicago, she bought an over-sized toblerone bar.  this thing was huge.  she purposefully put in in the overhead bin so we wouldn't be tempted to eat the whole thing in the first 10 minutes after take-off.  for the first 3 hours of the flight, we talked and giggled non-stop, much to the annoyance of our fellow passengers.  at regular intervals of about 15 minutes, one of us would interrupt the conversation with a half-whispered, half-squeaked, "toblerone?"  and down the bar would come from the overhead bin.  we would each eat a small piece, then return the bar to its full and upright position.  more talking, more giggling.  "toblerone?"  wash, rinse, repeat.  the thing was gone before we reached open water.  

a couple of weeks ago, i randomly had a mini-toblerone bar.  as i was enjoying its chocolatey goodness, i remembered that there was something really funny associated with its triangular shape.  during our conversation tonight, my sister referenced our rome flight and our duty-free treat.  we had a good laugh remembering and reminiscing.  "toblerone?"

i really love this certain younger sister (just as i love certain older sisters, too!).  i miss her something fierce, but i'm happy that she is happy.

and from tonight's talk, we have a new one-liner:

"i meant to feel bad about forgetting to call you... but then i forgot."

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