Friday, April 22

boo / yay

today is a school holiday (yay)

i actually got up this morning and ran for an hour (yay)

my apartment is a certified disaster zone (boo)

the pile of papers on my desk is threatening to topple over (boo)

it's a beautiful day (yay)

i'm all out of dasani (boo)

discovered northanger abbey by jane austen (yay)

i love kitty-sitting my mother's cat (yay)

i strongly dislike kitty-sitting my mother's cat (boo)

extremely grateful for my cooperating teacher (yay)

there's cold pizza in the fridge (yay)

haven't heard from a certain younger sister in forever (boo)

haven't heard from a certain strawberry-blonde brother in forever (boo)

the thought of not finding a teaching job for the fall freaks me out (boo)

the thought of spending three weeks in london this summer makes everything better (yay)

excited to see siblings in the coming months (yay)

loads and loads of laundry to wash, fold and put away (boo)

it's easter weekend (yay)

decided to treat myself to a new easter dress for sunday (yay)

music (yay)

yay = 12
boo = 8

verdict?  yay!

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