Wednesday, April 27

schlotzsky's and inner trembles

this is a true story.

the year was 2000.  the month was november.  the day was tuesday, the 28th.
as we were wont to do on our days with an off block, the high school boyfriend and i went to schlotzsky's for lunch.  then we went back to his house to hang out before i had to go to play practice.  once at his house, he suggested we sit outside on the back porch.  and then...
he. broke. up. with. me.


since that traumatizing tuesday ten and half years ago, i have not eaten at schlotzsky's.  seriously.  the association of the funny name fast food chain with such a terrible day in my teenage years was just too much.  so it's really been over a decade since i've had schlotzsky's.

until today.

yesterday one of my teacher-friends offered to buy lunch for today, courtesy of schlotzsky's.  when my cooperating teacher extended the lunch invitation to me, i told her the above story, which she found rip-roaring hilarious.  we decided that it was time for me to overcome my fear of the funny name fast food chain.  

i then preceded to tell her another story.  two weeks before the high school boyfriend emotionally scarred me for life, he got a, um... a piercing.  as i explained it to my cooperating teacher, when i discovered this new addition to his appearance, "i started shaking."

at this point in the story, my cooperating teacher bursts out laughing.  so i start laughing.  pretty soon we are both laughing so hard, i start crying, she starts snorting, and neither of us can breathe.  and then it comes out: when i said "i started shaking," she was picturing me going into some sort of epileptic seizure.  after we both calmed down a bit, i explained that it was more of an "inner tremble." i was so shocked by the addition to his appearance that i kind of freaked out.  here i was, the good little mormon girl, and the guy i was "dating" had a, um... a piercing.  the thought running through my head at the time, to quote the little mermaid: "my father's gonna kill me!"

by the time i finally explained all of the above, we were close to rolling on the floor.  and of course, today at lunch, i had to explain everything all over again to all of the other teachers.  but i did finally end my boycott of schlotzky's.  and it was good.

as a side bar, as i was retelling the above stories, i realized just how ridiculous they are.  being a teenager is dramatic.  high school is dramatic.  dating is dramatic.  being a teenager and dating while in high school?  oh heavens. *inner tremble*

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