Tuesday, March 1


sometimes all i need is a good hour-long run with friends who don't think less of me because i'm the slowest in the group and don't judge me because i don't look like an si swimwear model in my workout clothes.

sometimes i listen to the same song on repeat for hours on end (this week's favorites: down by jason walker and turning tables by adele).

sometimes a 3-hour drive clears my head like nothing else.

sometimes, before i put the clean sheets back on my bed, i spend a couple of nights sleeping on top of the mattress with only a big blanket as covers.

sometimes reading ya novels make me ridiculously giddy.

sometimes i have the uncontrollable urge to cut all my hair off and start from scratch.

sometimes i forget to eat real food on the weekends.

sometimes i get really excited for the first of the month because it means i get to do better than the last.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, man! Sometimes I do all of those things, too! (Except the last one. All the months seem to run together for me . . .) :)