Saturday, March 26

PTP: "Let's go to the movies!"

(the title of this themed-playlist must be sung, not spoken)

Nowadays a 2-minute preview is usually more enjoyable than a 2-hour movie.  So in honor of the moral decline of Hollywood and everything entertainment, here's a playlist featuring some of my favorite songs from some of the more exciting movie trailers of recent memory.

Listen and love... 
  1. Creep, Scala & Kolacny Brothers - The Social Network
  2. Panic Switch, Silversun Pickups - Sucker Punch
  3. Set The Fire To The Third Bar, Snow Patrol - Dear John
  4. The Bird and the Word, The Used - Clash of the Titans
  5. Transantlanticism, Death Cab for Cutie - Beastly
  6. Take a Bow, Muse - Watchmen
  7. Power, Kanye West - Limitless
  8. Save Yourself, Stabbing Westward - The Covenant
  9. Broken, Lifehouse - The Time Traveler's Wife
  10. Dog Days Are Over, Florence + The Machine - Eat, Pray, Love
  11. The Sun's Gone Dim and the Sky's Turned Black, Jóhann Jóhannsson - Battle: Los Angeles
  12. Young Blood, The Naked and Famous - PROM
  13. Uprising, Muse - Knight and Day
  14. Time After Time, Quietdrive - Prom Night
  15. Just Like You Imagined, Nine Inch Nails - 300
  16. Bring Me To Life, Evanescence - Daredevil
  17. Something Real, Renee Stahl - The Dead Girl
  18. River of Joy, Black Lab - The Covenant
  19. Lux Aeterna, Clint Mansell - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
...and may you only have happy endings!

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