Wednesday, February 23

happily exhausted

for lack of something better to blog about, let's just say that i am exhausted.  but oh, so happily exhausted.

i am deliriously happy with my student teaching experience so far.  granted, it's only been a week and a half, but it's been the best week and a half in recent memory.

everyday it's something new.
everyday it's something funny.
everyday it's something dramatic.
everyday it's something challenging.
everyday it's something frustrating.
everyday it's something surprising.
everyday it's something inspiring.
everyday it's something interesting.

everyday it's something awesome.

and everyday i come home from my 8-hour workday completely and totally wasted.  i have no energy to run.  no energy to clean the house.  no energy to make dinner.  on several occasions i've passed out on the couch (or on top of the bed) and woken up 4 hours later... only to turn around and go right back to sleep.

i compare this experience with my internship in los angeles.  i was exhausted everyday then, too, but it was a depressing exhaustion.

everyday it was something boring.
everyday it was something menial.
everyday it was something uninspiring.
everyday it was something same old, same old.

everyday it was something not awesome.

("and i demand things to be awesome.")

other reasons why i'm happily exhausted:  mini-reunion with uteachers on tuesday, b-day dinner with mel and ives tonight, starting the process of applying for jobs in the dfw area, dreaming of moving back to dallas... new opportunities, new possibilities, new adventures.

sidebar: i am desperately trying to keep up with ragnar training (and currently failing miserably).  any helpful hints or suggestions on how to be consistent and diligent when training for long-distance runs?

it's late.  i'm tired.  and tomorrow morning i have to get up early and run... or else it will never get done.

over and out.

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