Saturday, February 5

Best BBQ in Texas

I ventured out with friends tonight to Salt Lick BBQ (a short 40-min drive away in Driftwood, TX)... and I've got to say, I was a little underwhelmed.  I've been told by several people that it's the best BBQ around, but I respectfully disagree.

For your consideration, I submit that the best BBQ in Texas can be found deep in the heart of Southlake at The Feed Store.  The brisket is to die for.  Pulled pork, pork ribs.  Dirty rice and potato salad.  50-cent soft-serve ice cream cones.  Whenever family comes to visit, it's usually the first stop we make.

Mmmmm.  Feed Store.... Just thinking about it is making me homesick.


  1. You did NOT mention the soft-serve ice cream at dinner! Now that IS a good restaurant!

    I was unimpressed, too . . . Maybe my expectations were just too high . . .

  2. That makes me homesick too and I just live in grapevine.