Thursday, December 30

the spinning top

sister julie and i finally watched inception tonight (we've been saying for the past week that we were going to watch it...but then never got around to it).

the story.  the actors.  the effects.  the music.  oh, how i love the music.

the van that falls for 45 minutes.  the amazing zero-gravity hallway fight.  the dream within a dream within a dream within a...

did i mention the actors?  leo.  joseph g-l.  ellen p.  creepy marion cotillard.  and where in the world did tom hardy come from?

seriously, i forget to breathe for the last 30 minutes.

and then as that last image of the spinning top abruptly cuts to black, my reaction every time is an (extremely loud) exasperated and ecstatic outcry of disbelief and utter confusion.

and then i spend the next 30 minutes trying to calm down.

and then i think of this a cappella trailer.

and then i laugh.

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