Wednesday, December 29

good news / bad news

good news: christmas was fabulous.  loved having the whole family here.
bad news: the house is a certified disaster zone.  someone should call in the national guard.

good news: i finally have time to start reading my beloved ya novels again.  they make me so happy.
bad news: i've stayed up until 4 am the last two nights to read.  waking up groggy in the morning after only five hours of sleep is not fun.

good news: after a week of feeling like death warmed over, i think i'm finally getting over whatever it was that left me practically comatose for two days.  good thing, too, because my drug supply is running dangerously low.
bad news: i think my brain is leaking out my nose.  and these pressure headaches just might kill me.

good news: there's still three more weeks of vacation left.
bad news: there's only three more weeks of vacation left.

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