Tuesday, November 16

What Men Want

Tonight at work, a female co-worker brought a book to the Info Desk from the Self-Improvement/Dating section: What Men Want: Three Professional Single Men Reveal to Women What It Takes to Make a Man Yours.  We all too eagerly opened the book to see what wisdom these three authors could offer that our combined years of experience hadn't already taught us.  Our perusal through its pages was interrupted by the arrival of customers seeking more information from the desk that provides information. For the next 30 minutes or so I kept busy with actual work responsibilities.  Upon my return, I found that the book was gone!  A male co-worker happened upon me in my moment of distress and inquired as to my problem.  I explained the events of earlier that evening, bemoaning the fact that I didn't get a chance to discover the secret of making a man mine.  My male co-worker softly chuckled and said, "What do men want?  I'll tell you what men want.  Men want women."

Seriously?  That's all?  It's that simple? Huh.  

Yeah.  Still doesn't help me.

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