Wednesday, August 25

POW: "The Last Time I Fall (Semester)"

  1. Dog Days Are Over, Florence + The Machine - "happiness hit her like a train on the track, coming towards her, stuck still, no turning back"
  2. The Outsiders, Needtobreathe - "after everything we've learned, we've finally come to terms: we are the outsiders"
  3. Dynamite, Taio Cruz - "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying a-yo, gotta let go"
  4. Just Say Yes, Snow Patrol - "it's not a test, nor a trick of the mind, only love"
  5. New Morning, Alpha Rev - "have you heard who you are? you're a new morning"
  6. U.R.A. Fever, The Kills - "you are a fever, you are a fever, you ain't born typical"
  7. Animal, Neon Trees - "what are you waiting for? take a bite out of my heart tonight"
  8. Love The Way You Lie, Eminem feat. Rihanna - "maybe that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano" (is it wrong that I really like this song?)
  9. Tighten Up, The Black Keys - "living just to keep going, going just to stay sane"
  10. I Never Told You, Colbie Caillat - "I see your blue eyes every time I close mine, you make it hard to see"
  11. Safe to Say, Valencia - "if I could sing this out loud, I'd scream it to the clouds, and everyone in this town would know what I'm about"
  12. If I Had You, Adam Lambert - "so I got my boots on, got the right amount of leather, and I'm doing me up with a black-colored liner"
  13. Impossible, Anberlin - "you're wearing me out, just wearing me out, but I'm wearing you down"
  14. Young & Free, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights - "cause I gotta know, what's gonna move your soul?"
  15. Dancing On My Own, Robyn "the lights go on, the music dies, but you don't see my standing here, I just came to say goodbye"
  16. Jonathan Low, Vampire Weekend - "they all turned their backs but they all knew his name, and if he could return they'd probably do the same"
  17. I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know, Never Shout Never - "I've been to heaven, I've been to hell...but nothing feels like home like you, babe" 
  18. Where I Want to Be, The Dangerous Summer - "you are my song and you are where I want to be"
  19. Praan, Garry Schyman (the song featured in this powerful video)
  20. The Boys of Fall, Kenny Chesney - "you mess with one, man, you got us all, the boys of fall"

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