Tuesday, June 8

"Pack this."

(J&R: said in the same voice as "Summit this.")

Remember almost two months ago when I was
really excited to move out of my current apartment and I packed up all of my books and DVDs?

The move is now two weeks away (and I'll be gone for the the next week and a half). As I sit and stare at all of my worldly possessions, I am suddenly overcome with the reality that I actually have to pack all of this stuff up in boxes.

And I have a lot of stuff.

I don't even know where to begin. Just thinking about it is making me tired.

I think I need reinforcements. A party-size bag of Peanut M&Ms and a pint of Ben & Jerry's oughta do it.

Better make it 2 pints...


  1. "PACK THIS!!!" Heh heh. Ooh get the Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. Best flavor ever. Good luck with packing. And send pictures of your new place k?

  2. I said "Summit this" the other day around one of my friends and I got the strangest look. I longed for the day we hiked Timp. Or drove back from the Target in Lindon ("This is Sue. Is your mutha there?")