Monday, April 19

Jumping the gun...

My current lease is up at the end of June (hallelujah).

Today, Mom hopped on down to Austin to help me with the apartment search (always good to have a second opinion).

I found a great place to live (yippee) near all of my favorite places: Barnes & Noble, Panera, Whole Foods, Best Buy, 2 movie theaters, Cheesecake Factory, Target... and more.

When I got home this afternoon I was so excited about moving that I packed up all of my books and DVDs (18 file boxes).

I still have 2 more months in this apartment (ugh).

Jumping the gun? Maybe.

But I think I'll continue to jump that gun.

Excuse me while I go pack up all of my pictures and breakables.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


  1. Whoo hoo! Those are lots of my favorite places too! Glad to hear you're doing well Katie.

  2. Since your soo excited about packing, you want to come pack mine up? :D I have two weeks and don't even want to begin.

  3. Ooh. I like the description of your new local. Essentially, we all want to live in a high-end mall.