Tuesday, April 13

The Silent Clock...

Just caught up on the last three hours of 24 and OH. MY. GOODNESS.
  • He did what?! So noble.
  • He drove off the roof?! Sweet.
  • She thought she could get away?! Not so fast, blondie.
  • He died?!?! That's so sad.
  • He got fired?! Awesome.
  • She got promoted?! More awesome.
  • Finally! That kiss was even more awesomer.
  • He's back?! Evil, little weasel of a man.
  • She died?!?!?! That was soooo depressing.
Other thoughts:
  • Katee Sackhoff plays a great mole. It's all in those shifty eyes and that evil smirk.
  • Necar Zadegan (actress who plays Dalia Hassan) is beautiful. And awesome.
  • Anyone else think Freddie Prinze, Jr. only got better with age?
  • That was probably one of the most tragic death scenes I've ever seen on television.
  • But now you know that the last 7 hours of the *whole series* will be absolutely awesome because Jack is MAD and ON A MISSION - just the way I like him! Jack is back, baby! Let the game begins!
And finally... The Russians! It's always the Russians!

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