Friday, January 15

The Running Man...

Spain, 2004. Two Mormon sister missionaries are working hard, toking (knocking doors), caminando las calles de Sevilla, charlando con la gente y predicando el evangelio de Jesucristo. The Trainer turns to the Trainee, and asks the following question:

Trainer: "What is the name of that movie with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones? You know, the one where he is accused of murdering his wife? And he runs away? Like, he's running throughout the whole movie?

Trainee: "Ummm." (thinks for a minute) "You know what? I can't remember!"

Trainer: "I can't remember either and it's driving me crazy! I think it's called something like The Runner or The Running Man... Yeah, that's it! The Running Man!"

Trainee: "Are you sure?"

Trainer: "I'm positive. Problem solved. Back to work."

The Trainer is convinced that the movie in question is called The Running Man. The two Mormon sister missionaries continue working. Six hours later, the two Mormon sister missionaries have returned to their piso (apartment) and are having companionship prayer, which the Trainee is offering:

Trainee: "... Amen. The Fugitive."

Trainer: "Ahhhh!"

The two Mormon sister missionaries erupt into laughter. The Trainer feels especially silly for thinking it was called The Running Man. Good times y buenas memorias.

Te amo y te echo de menos, Lovejoy!

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  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I totally remember that. Hilarious! But seriously...the Running Man??? Come on! I love your guts!!! Hope everything is going well for you!