Friday, January 15

Memo to Me...

  • Do not go to Anthropologie when they are having their yearly sale. The amount you are likely to spend will be far greater than the amount of the item you are returning.
  • When running errands for four hours, always bring a snack and an extra bottle of Dasani.
  • Renew your passport! You have a big international trip coming up in May.
  • Must visit a cold, snowy place at least once a year. Using your very nice North Face winter coat as a very expensive rain coat does not do it justice. Actually, it's rather insulting and degrading to the coat. It demands to be worn in snowy weather. Maybe you should give snowboarding another try.
  • Next time you are planning on using the power drill, please call someone with a little more home-improvement-know-how, thereby avoiding putting unnecessary holes in the wall.
  • Valentine's Day is only a month away. Must stock up on Dove Hearts, in honor of Rachel and her 2006 Big Bowl 'o Hearts.
  • The papers and books piling up on your desk are not going to organize themselves. Just do it!
  • 24 starts on Sunday. Try to contain your excitement.
  • Name that movie = "Memo to me, memo to me: Maim you after my meeting!"

1 comment:

  1. Was that really four years ago? I think I'll do it again this year...with an even bigger bowl. heh heh.