Saturday, November 7

"for those about to ROCK..."


i believe i have now visited both extremes of the concert spectrum.

on the bubble-gum, teen-pop end:

BACKSTREET BOYS (oh, high school! the friend that i went with actually started crying during I Want It That Way - i merely lowered my head in shame and pretended like i didn't know her.)

everything in between - in no particular order:

PAULA ABDUL (first concert, circa age 10)
CELINE DION (multiple times)
BARENAKED LADIES (smuggled in mac&cheese for the occasion)
THE KINLEYS (spontaneous night-out with mom)
FAITH HILL & TIM McGRAW (how adorable are they?)
3 DOORS DOWN & NICKELBACK (one of the best dates i've ever been on. true story.)
SAVES THE DAY (oh, college! i was "invited" to go with some guy friends, only to realize on the way home that the only reason they asked me? i had a car. they did not. and sadly, it was not the last time i got duped into giving guys a ride during that freshman year. like i said: oh, college!)
DAVE MATTHEWS BAND (love, love, love)
SEAMUS (bro-in-law's SLC-based band. they're awesome.)
DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL & BRAND NEW (thank you, J&R, for an excellent evening with my favorite friends, our favorite food, and what is now my favorite live concert)
MUSE (amazing. incredible. brilliant.)
COLBIE CAILLAT & HOWIE DAY (first concert at stubb's (an austin tradition) with my great austin friends)
plus many others

and now, on the classic/metal hard-rock end:

invited by friends Dan and Aaron, a very interesting evening
these guys are so incredibly old, but they can still rock it like nobody's business
attendees included all ages (but mostly an "older" crowd)
lead guitarist, Angus Young, had a 20+ minute guitar solo that blew the roof off
the lady in front of us was off-her-rocker plastered, dancing in the aisles like she was auditioning for a Whitesnake music video
played some songs off their lastest album, plus all the great classics: Back in Black (my personal favorite), Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Dog Eat Dog, Highway to Hell, Whole Lotta Rosie, T.N.T., You Shook Me All Night Long, Hells Bells... and many more
again, a very interesting evening, but also a great time

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