Wednesday, November 4

Delayed Emotional Reaction...

Yesterday I was sad.
Sad that Leona is gone. Sad that I have to drive a sedan. Sad that my Lord of the Rings keychain is gone. Sad that I left The Host audio book in the front console. Sad that my Leatherman was in the glovebox. Sad that my Central Market reusable bag was in the back seat pocket. Sad that I have to find a new plumeria window decal.
Just sad.

Today, however, I am mad.
Mad. Furious. Livid. Ready to knock someone down if they look at me the wrong way.
Mad that someone stole my truck. Mad that my life has now be disrupted for the next couple of months. Mad that I have to deal with this now, right at the end of the semester, when I already have a hard time concentrating.
Just mad.

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