Thursday, October 1

Me + Guy X = ?

Do you remember when you were younger (circa age 9-29) and you liked a boy and you would imagine how your full name would sound with his last name? You would practice your signature, writing it out all over the back of your notebooks. You would then name all of the children you would have together, writing those down in pretty cursive letters. And maybe when you got a little older, the first thing you do after you meet a guy, and after you have analyzed everything he said with your best girlfriends, you practice saying your name with his last name, making sure that it sounds good (because, of course, that is how you figure out if you are meant to be with someone - your new married name has to sound "good").

There is no use denying it - we have all done this and I'm pretty sure we still do this, no matter how old we are.

HOWEVER. I realized yesterday that I have taken it way past just imagining what my name with his last name would sound like. I believe it is a sign of our technologically advanced (and obsessed) society that instead of just wondering what my new name would be, I instead wonder what my new BLOG NAME would be. That's right: What would I name my blog if me and Guy X got married? It would have to be cute and catchy, maybe a play on the last name, maybe some alliteration, a movie or music reference. This is seriously what I think about now. I bypass the whole getting to know the person, dating, engagement, actually getting married aspect of a relationship and go straight for the new blog name.

Seriously, how sad is that? Or maybe just really pathetic?

Or just really funny?

Yup. It's just really funny...

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  1. I totally do that- sometimes I ask what the guy's last name is if someone wants to set me up or whatever. :) And I LOVE your new picture- totally fits you and your singing tendencies. Heh heh.