Sunday, October 4

2 for the price of 1...

It's been awhile since I've shared a Playlist of the Week, so here are the two latest soundtracks of my life:

POW: The End of It All
  1. Wild At Heart, Gloriana
  2. Uprising, Muse
  3. Read Between the Lines, KSM
  4. These Two Hands. Hana Pestle
  5. Breakeven, The Script
  6. You Belong With Me, Taylor Swift
  7. Never Gonna Be Alone, Nickelback
  8. Happy, Leona Lewis
  9. Don't Be Beautiful, Shannon Thomas
  10. Float On, Modest Mouse
  11. Ignorance, Paramore
  12. Lay 'Em Done, Needtobreathe
  13. Whatcha Say, Jason DeRulo
  14. Fireflies, Owl City
  15. Tell Her Something, The Age of Information
  16. Take a Bow, Glee Cast
  17. Again, Flyleaf
  18. Two Is Better Than One, Boys Like Girls (ft. Taylor Swift)
  19. Need, Hana Pestle

POW: Conference Call
  1. Party in the U.S.A., Miley Cyrus
  2. Somebody to Love, Glee Cast
  3. Surfaced, The Dangerous Summer
  4. Breakeven, The Script
  5. Fame, Naturi Naughton
  6. Lights Out, Breaking Benjamin
  7. You and Me, Dave Matthews Band
  8. Swim, Jack's Mannequin
  9. Down, Jay Sean (ft. Lil Wayne)
  10. Wheels, Foo Fighters
  11. Try, Asher Brook
  12. Dear Agony, Breaking Benjamin
  13. Careful, Paramore
  14. Whatcha Say, Jason DeRulo
  15. Two Is Better Than One, Boys Like Girls (ft. Taylor Swift)
  16. Resistance, Muse
  17. Out Here On My Own, Naturi Naughton
  18. Better Be Prepared, Valencia
  19. All I Wanted, Paramore
  20. I Would, Long-View
  21. Give Me a Sign, Breaking Benjamin
  22. Street Hustlin', Raney Shockne (ft. Stella Moon)

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  1. I love finding the music on your playlists. :)