Friday, September 4

POW: "Matter Unorganized"

As promised, these are the songs that I am currently listening to ad nauseam...

  1. I Will Not Bow, Breaking Benjamin
  2. Us, Regina Spektor
  3. ...Slowdance On the Inside, Taking Back Sunday
  4. Can You Take Me, Third Eye Blind
  5. Turn Back Around, Lucy Schwartz
  6. We Are Golden, MIKA
  7. Vagabond, Wolfmother
  8. You Belong With Me, Taylor Swift
  9. Always Where I Need to Be, The Kooks
  10. What I Want, Ryan Calhoun
  11. Ya Better Believe, Max Morgan
  12. Eet, Regina Spektor
  13. Rock What You Got, Superchick
  14. Lullaby Appetite, Alexa Wilkinson
  15. Wake the Sun, The Matches
  16. Gone Away, Lucy Schwartz
  17. Love Today, MIKA
  18. Laughing With, Regina Spektor
  19. Battlefield, Jordin Sparks
  20. Why I'm Home, Go Radio

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