Saturday, August 8


Today is a special day
Happy, Happy Birthday! to the best friends a girl could ask for.
Love you lots and miss you tons.


"I have a very low tolerance for immature people."

"Hold me!"
"Hold you?! I don't even know you!"

"What were they on a scale from 1 to wicked?"

"I'm not really a Sunday School teacher..."

"We sell guns... and DJ equipment!"

"Okay, give me your worst."
"Joanna, I love you. Will you marry me?"

"But you should see Diddy's..."

"Little boy who cried wolf. Katie who called boyfriend."

"Rachel, people are going to think..."
"...that I have a debilitating social disease? I do!"

"Thank you and welcome back! We are currently at the intersection of pins and needles."

"I have no one on the horizon. No one at all."
"Hey, you had someone on the couch less than an hour ago."

"I love it when guys do their callings."
"You magnify that priesthood!"

“¡José! ¡Ayúdame!”

"Joanna, your dating is like the lottery. You keep playing and playing but you never win. You just need to find your winning powerball."

"I bet the cafeteria staff is forming an army right now!"

"TV is my life... Wait, TV is my boyfriend."

"I just want to be friends. Pigeon?"

"If they're not good kissers and you don't like them..."
"Then there's no use training them."

"BRRR! I hate Utah!"

"Hundreds of thousands of people could die!"

"We're not breaking out of a Jamba Juice, gentlemen."

"You are a child of the devil. Love, Captain Moroni"

"Tell yourself it's never gonna happen again."



  1. Awww. I LOVE those quotes. And you - of course. I love you loads. Rachel has our whole night planned - to make up for the last two years I was gone (she always says in an accusatory tone). Call you tomorra.

  2. Well Joanna did leave me for two years. Heh heh. I love all those quotes. I miss you immensely and love you as well. And that's about as much feelings I'm going to share. *awkward arm pat*

  3. That last comment was Rachel. Bwhahahaha.