Tuesday, June 9

"Don't Stop Believin'..."

I'll admit it.  I am way excited for this show to start in the fall.

For all of us who spent our high school career in the choir room, warming-up to "open-pit-barbecue-sauce", learning how to properly pronounce "in excelsis deo", figuring out who was breathing when, realizing the importance of blending, competing for coveted solos, coming up with four minutes of choreography, taping duct tape to the bottom of your shoes, wearing bright pink lipstick, humming show tunes... or for anyone who just really enjoyed a good jazz square back in the day, I have a feeling that this show is for us.

Long Live the Alto Section!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE THIS SHOW. LOVE it. Can't wait for it to really start.

    I keep watching the first one on hulu.