Sunday, March 8

New Songs for a New Week...

  1. Use Somebody, Kings of Leon
  2. 1, 2, 3, 4, Plain White T's
  3. The Call, Regina Spektor
  4. Candle (Sick and Tired), The White Tie Affair
  5. Rock Your Soul, Elisa
  6. Runaway World, Making April
  7. Around the Bend, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
  8. Dreaming With a Broken Heart, John Mayer
  9. Don't Shut Your Eyes, The Crash Motive
  10. Fear, Stop Making Friends
  11. Bum Like You, Robyn
  12. The Climb, Miley Cyrus
  13. Love Is Like, Tim Skold vs. KMFDM
  14. Kangaroo, Blue October
  15. Mad, Ne-Yo
  16. I Don't Want to Be On TV, The Airborne Toxic Event
  17. Even Now, Dashboard Confessional
  18. The Moment I Said It, Imogen Heap
  19. Crank That, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
  20. You Are Goodbye, Holly Conlan
  21. Black & Gold, Sam Sparro
  22. It's America, Rodney Atkins
  23. Disturbia, Rihanna

Okay... so that is a really long playlist :)

Check one or two of them out and let me know what you think!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE THE CALL by Regina. I'm listening to the others - dig the taste in music Katie!