Monday, March 2

More to come...

So I have a ton of stuff to blog about...but I have no time right now! The past two weeks have been full of tests, presentations and other assignments. The next two weeks are going to be more of the same. And then.....


My first real Spring Break in eight years. Ah-mazing. And just to prove how wild and crazy I can be, I'm going to go home! That's right, a whole week of sleeping in, not putting on make-up, and hanging out with my Mom. I can't wait.

But first! I have to really focus for the next two weeks, which will probably mean that I won't be blogging as often as I would like.

But never fear! I shall return triumphantly! I will come off conqueror in the end! No dastardly foe will defeat me in my quest for eternal glory! They will tell my tale and sing my praises forever more: "Oh, what a brave woman was she! She who dared to fight the good fight and challenge the great beast! May we all emulate her courage and revere her virtue! The Wonderful, the Magnanimous, the Beautiful... Lady Catherine is she!"

Whoa. I have no idea where that came from.....

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