Friday, February 13

The Seventh Food Group...

To those who know me really well, it's no secret that I love ice cream. Really, really, really love ice cream. Even when I feel like shooting myself after downing an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's, I still love ice cream. And the best ice cream inthe world?


As a child living in Houston, I remember visiting the Blue Bell Creameries in Brenham, TX. Best. Field Trips. Ever. When my family moved back to Texas after living in Ohio for eight years, one of the things that most excited me about returning to the Lone Star State - Blue Bell Ice Cream. Seriously, it's good stuff.

Anyways, I went to Central Market today to do a little grocery shopping (more on grocery stores later), and what do I see as I steer my little cart through the freezer section? A new flavor of Blue Bell Ice Cream!

Obviously a Valentine's Day special: Chocolate Covered Strawberries. As soon as I got home, I had to have a taste, so I scooped myself a generous portion and settled on the couch with my bowl of ice cream and Glenn Beck and Oh. My. Goodness. Amazing. Delicious. Yummy. Yummy, yummy in my tummy.

Seriously, if you live in Texas, go buy a carton now. Or come over to my place and I'll let you have a taste of mine. Although, you might want to get your own because I have a feeling that my 1/2 gallon is going to be gone soon....


  1. You must buy some and SAVE it for me.

  2. I LOVE ice cream. And that flavor is divine.